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Since 2009, JAS Aquatics has been creating stunning outdoor spaces with custom swimming pool designs as their centerpiece. Jesse’s eye for detail, imaginative designs, exceptional service and premium products at a reasonable price have allowed JAS Aquatics to emerge as a powerhouse in outdoor contracting. Projects are overseen from permit, to 3D render and all throughout construction, so that quality and functionality can be guaranteed. Honesty, passion and pride are the building blocks upon which JAS Aquatics was built. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.


Industry-leading designers make your dream a reality with their boundless creativity. Taking into account your lifestyle and needs, there are no limits to what we can create. Sophisticated, elegant designs with unmatched quality. If you can imagine it, we can make it come to life.


Tell us about your ideal pool and we will work within your current space to show you a backyard paradise. Provide specifications or allow us creative liberty to present our own unique design ideas to you for review. One of a kind pools and outdoor living.


  • Custom Renders

    JAS Aquatics utilizes a 3-dimensional program to create custom renders, which allows you to view your finished project before construction even begins. These 3D renders provide views of the pool, decking, landscaping and any other included features from multiple angles, including overhead views. See your ordinary, flat rendering come to life – the only limit is your imagination.

  • Construction

    There is no “one-size-fits-all” explanation regarding the construction process, as it will depend largely on the particulars of each unique design. Timelines are dependent on scale and complexity of the project. However, construction involves the completion of five key steps: excavation, inspections, tile and masonry, decking and surface.

  • Finishing Touches

    You and your guests won’t be able to look away when the project is complete with all of its finishing touches: beautifully tiled surfaces, dynamic water features, breathtaking pool illumination and unique, elegant landscaping.

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Premium Quality Pools

Whether you come to us with a vision in mind or with a completely blank slate, we can help you to design the pool of your dreams. By offering expert design solutions and innovative construction methods, we are able to provide our customers with custom built pools of the highest caliber.

Quality Finishes

Choose from tiles, stonework, decorative concretes and more to produce a completed look and feel to the pool. These seemingly small details help to create a nuanced and distinctive space tailored to your specific tastes.

Licensed and Insured

Hiring a licensed contractor offers additional protections to the homeowner. We are happy to provide proof of adherence to NYS laws and regulations, designed to protect us both.

Premium Materials

From concept to creation, your space will be built using choice materials from America’s favorite brands. Our quality is never called into question. From pavers to stonework and LED accents, you can rest assured that we produce durable, sustainable and pristine outdoor projects for you to enjoy.

High End Fiberglass Pools

Easy installation. Low maintenance. Environmentally safe. Cost effective. Many colors, shapes, sizes and designs available. Bring out your individual personality and style.

Custom Backyards

Whether a simple deck addition, aesthetic pool enhancements, or a complete backyard renovation, JAS Aquatics is the right solution for you.